Between 22 and 25 November, the annual SIGMA conference in Malta will be presenting news in iGaming, sharing tips and advice, and connecting new people with iGaming. SIGMA was held for the first time in 2014 and has grown and became a very important and popular conference every year in which many major actors participate.

During this year’s conference, visitors will be able to hear a variety of speakers in a variety of areas, including Daily Fantasy Sports, Affiliates and CMOs, Regulatory, Payments & Disruptive Technology and Human Capital & Resources. During both days one and two, it will also be offered an iGaming Academy Forum.

This year’s SIGMA is expected to be a well-attended event with visitors from all over the world. We at Ribacka Group will of course also attend the conference and we are very excited to get to know the latest in iGaming. We are also looking forward to exchanging experiences with people in the industry from many different countries, which mean that we can return home with additional knowledge that we can share with our readers.


SIGMA is a conference organized annually since 2014 and growing for each year. With over 300 iGaming companies, some of the world’s largest, based within a 50 mile radius, you can be sure that visitors can take advantage of the latest and best knowledge during the conference. This year, IGaming Village will provide you with six theme-based bars, three restaurants and a couple of lounges where you can have a drink, have lunch and enjoy a cigar, free of charge.